About Us

Welcome to Tropical Sprouts!
Looking for a stunning centerpiece for your garden? Adding more foliage to your backyard pond? Wanting a houseplant that will give your home a tropical feel year-round? Growing your own fruits? We have plants for every situation!
Tropical Sprouts offers quality plants that live in our greenhouses until they are ready to be shipped to you. We have a wide variety of Elephant Ears, Carnivorous Fly Traps, as well as many edible plants including Bananas, Berries, Passionfruit, and more. Each plant is carefully packaged for safe travels, and can be shipped across the contiguous United States year-round.
If you have any questions at all, please email us. You should hear a response within 24 business hours. Happy shopping for your new foliage friend, and have a Plant-tastic day!