Chandler 4-7 (800-1,000 chill hours)

Legacy 5-8 (800-1,000 chill hours)

Pink Lemonade 4-9 (300-500 chill hours)

Top Hat 3-8 (1,000-1,200 chill hours)


Chandler 4-5’ tall, 4-5’ wide at maturity. Produces very large fruit

Legacy 4-6’ tall, 3-4’ wide at maturity.

Pink Lemonade 4-5’ tall, 4-5’ wide at maturity.

Top Hat 1-2’ tall, 1-2’ wide at maturity. Dwarf size

Pet Friendly:

Yes! This plant is non-toxic, and safe to grow around pets.


Yes. The fruit produced from this plant is edible.


Acidic Soil. PH 4.5-4.8. Fertilize with coffee grounds or nitrogen based fertilizer


6-8 hours of light daily during the growing season. Use indirect lighting while the plant is small to avoid burning.


Water thoroughly when the soil starts to feel dry. We recommend using Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, or Rainwater.

Other Information & Tips:

  • Self-Pollinating. However, cross-pollination with another plant of the same variety or another blueberry plant that has the same growing season is recommended to produce larger crops.
  • May be grown indoors or outdoors. Potted or in the ground.
  • “Chill Hours” are when the temperature is between 32-45℉.  The blueberry bush needs to meet its minimum requirement of chill hours in order to produce fruit & leaves correctly.
  • It is recommended to slowly acclimate your Blueberry plant to the new temperatures, wind, and sunlight that it may encounter.