Zone: 5-10

Size: Can be kept under 6' tall if potted & trimmed. May grow larger if planted in the ground.

Temperature/Humidity: A mature mulberry tree is cold-hardy. However, the plant at its current size is sensitive to frost. This starter plant needs much warmer temperatures. Average humidity.

Pet Friendly: This plant is non-toxic to pets!

Edible: Yes. The fruit produced from this plant is edible. Once ripe, eat them fresh off the tree or use them for cooking!

Soil: Use a well-draining, fertile soil that is slightly acidic. This plant should not be fertilized during its first year. A more established Mulberry tree may be fertilized every spring.

Lighting: Requires a minimum of 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight each day.

Water: Water regularly. We recommend using Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, or Rainwater. If potted, ensure that the pot has drainage holes.

Other Tips:

  • May be potted or planted in the ground outdoors. Can be potted indoors and kept small as a decorative tree, but may not produce fruit.
  • This plant is self-pollinating. A healthy tree may mature and begin producing fruit in approximately 1-3 years.
  •  Prune while the tree is dormant in the winter months.