1. Open the package and inspect the plants. If you have any concerns, please notify us and send an image of the wrapped plant at this time. Once the image(s) have been sent, all plants may be unwrapped & potted. 
    • Yellowing and even a few dead leaves are fairly common with shipped plants as they did not receive sunlight while traveling in the box for a few days, among the many other stresses of shipping and being relocated. Most plants show improvement and even have new growth within a week of being potted and cared for in their new home. If any leaves die-back, they may be clipped off and will not affect the overall plant.
  1. Remove all paper, paper towel, and plastic from the plant.
  2. If your plant comes with an existing plug of soil, the plant/roots/soil may go directly into your new soil or media. There is no need to remove the existing soil or mesh fabric that is shipped with the plant, but you may carefully remove them if you prefer.
  3. 4" or 6" pot is recommended for your starter plant. 8" is okay too if you already have that size on hand. Ensure that your pot has drainage holes. Each plant variety will grow at a different pace, upgrade pot sizes as needed.
  4. Water if needed. We water just before shipping, so water may not be needed right away.
  5. Place the starter plant in a bright, but indirect lighting or under a grow light. The pot should be placed indoors or in a sheltered area outdoors. 
  6. Allow the plant time to de-stress from shipping and get acclimated to its new home. Once the plant is doing well and has some new growth, certain varieties may go permanently outdoors or in the ground at this time if your weather permits.