Zone: Zones 8-11

Size: Each leaf can grow to 12-20 inches. If leaves are not harvested, the plant can grow into a larger tree-shape.

Temperature/Humidity: Temperatures 60℉ or above. Keep humidity above 50%.

Pet Friendly: There are no reports of a definite answer on the pet-toxicity of this plant. Many sites say this plant is safe to grow around pets, but we advise against allowing your pet to eat or chew on the leaves.

Edible: Yes. The fragrant leaves are widely used for flavoring in Asian cuisines.

Soil: Choose a well-draining soil with a PH of 5-7. An organic top dressing may be used during the growing months. 

Lighting: Lighting needs vary from a bright indirect light, to more shade.

Water: Water thoroughly when the soil begins to dry. We recommend using Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, or Rainwater.

Other Tips:

  • Also called "Pandanus Amaryllifolius"
  • May be potted indoors or planted outdoors in a yard depending on your location. Upgrade pots as the plant grows to hold its root system.
  • The Pandan Leaf plant has the potential to have a long lifespan if healthy. This plant will eventually need a large area to fan out. The growth rate of this plant will increase as it matures (young plants may only grow a few new leaves each year).
  • The tips of the leaves may yellow on occasion, the yellow parts may be clipped off. The most common culprit of yellowing leaves and/or dying leaves is underwatering or overwatering.
  • The Pandan Leaves are an excellent source of vitamins & antioxidants, and may be cooked in your favorite recipes!