Zone: Zones 9-11

Size: All varieties grow to about 3’ tall & 3’ wide when mature.

Temperature/Humidity: Loves warm & humid climates. Temperature at least 60 degrees & humidity above 50%.

Pet Friendly: There are no reports of a definite answer on the pet-toxicity of this plant. However, all parts of this plant (unripe fruit, leaves, core, etc.) may cause digestive problems and allergic reactions in pets when ingested.

Edible: Yes. The fruit produced from this plant is edible.

Soil: Use a sandy loam soil that is slightly acidic. Cactus soil mixed with Peat & Perlite works well. A balanced fertilizer that contains Nitrogen, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium, and Magnesium may be used. 

Lighting: Full-Sun (indirect while the plant is small). Partial sun if your location has extreme hot temperatures during the summer.

Water: Water each week covering the soil surface. Allow soil to dry out before watering again. Pineapple plants are drought-tolerant and over-watering this plant is a common issue. We recommend using Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, or Rainwater.

Other Tips:

  • Grows indoors or outdoors. Potted or in the ground
  • The most common mistake made with this plant is overwatering. Watering too much can cause yellowing or drying leaves and/or root rot.
  • A healthy plant matures at around 2-3 years of age. It may begin to produce fruit at this time. If the conditions are right, the plant will produce one pineapple each year. 
  • You can get edible seedless fruit with just 1 pineapple plant! The fruit will not contain seeds unless it is cross-pollinated. If you would like seeds, choose a second variety of pineapple.